Birthday Dress Vogue 8685

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Vogue 8685 is possibly the easiest dress I've ever made, it's also super comfy and chic (well I think so anyway) which makes it a total winner in my book.

I've completed my first ever pattern review so if you want the full details head over there - but here's abbreviated version.

I cut out view c in a size 14, lengthened the waistband pieces by 1 inch, omitted the back zip and shortened the sleeves.  Made a total rookie mistake - remembered to lengthen everything except the sleeves and when I tried it on the sleeves looked silly.  I prefer my sleeves to be about elbow length because I always push them up so I guess it worked in my favour.  There really aren't any wrinkles in the dress, it's just the way I'm standing.  I have no idea how style bloggers manage so many poses.  Every time I get in front of the camera I end up with my hands on my hips.

There you have it - my new work dress which also happened to be my birthday dress.  I'm still planning a new dress for my party but I'll have to see how I go with time and fabric options.

Thank goodness blogger is working again.  Gabrielle if you're reading this and the comments section is still not working then please drop me another email :)


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Today's my birthday.

My girls treated me to breakfast in bed, my co-workers decorated my desk, put on morning tea and treated me to lunch and to top it all off I've had lots of lovely messages and phone calls from family and friends.  Hubby even gave me some time yesterday to finish off my new dress - Vogue 8685, more on that soon.

I think that 30 is going to be great.

Friday Night Sewing

Monday, 9 May 2011

Friday night I had a lovely time messing around in my sewing room.

I sewed up some cushion covers from my recent fabric purchases and whipped up a tablecloth.  I'm not sure if hemming a tablecloth counts as actual sewing, but I'm claiming it.

I'm loving all the chevron items being shown on Pinterest (I've spent more hours than I'd like to admit browsing all the 'pins').  They all seem to have the zig zags running horizontal, but I preferred them running vertically so that's what I've done.

My cushions won't dazzle you - there's no fancy piping or trims - but it was a lovely relaxing night and that's all I wanted. 

New Balloon

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Not too long ago Tessuti Fabrics featured some linen jersey as their fabric of the month. It took me a couple of days to decide to order - I loved the look of the fabric but at $28 a meter I needed to think before I ordered.  I ended up ordering some white linen jersey and some beautiful navy merino jersey

All that to say I've made another Balloon top.

Could of sworn this was straight when I took the photo!

I knew I wanted to make something that I would love and that would get a lot of use and I think this fits the bill. 

In other news I've signed up for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  I'm a bit to the party - it starts on Monday - but my kids really need some new gear so this challenge is ideal.  You're supposed to sew for your kids for an hour a day, every day for a week.  I'm going to do a little bit of prep work this weekend so that I can just spend my hour sewing.

Anyone else signed up for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge or Me Made June?