New Balloon

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not too long ago Tessuti Fabrics featured some linen jersey as their fabric of the month. It took me a couple of days to decide to order - I loved the look of the fabric but at $28 a meter I needed to think before I ordered.  I ended up ordering some white linen jersey and some beautiful navy merino jersey

All that to say I've made another Balloon top.

Could of sworn this was straight when I took the photo!

I knew I wanted to make something that I would love and that would get a lot of use and I think this fits the bill. 

In other news I've signed up for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  I'm a bit to the party - it starts on Monday - but my kids really need some new gear so this challenge is ideal.  You're supposed to sew for your kids for an hour a day, every day for a week.  I'm going to do a little bit of prep work this weekend so that I can just spend my hour sewing.

Anyone else signed up for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge or Me Made June?


Sue said...

That is such a delicate, lovely top. I like the wide sleeves.

Bernice said...

Lovely top. It looks like the kind of top I'd get lots of wear out of as well. The sleeves are fabulous. I wouldn't mind giving something like this a ago.

I can't quite commit to a MM challenge yet. I fear it will become another job to add to my ever increasing list. Maybe next year when the kids are a bit older and I'm getting more sleep. The KCW is something I would have done, but it's fallen in the wrong week - I've got a coat to sew!

Sølvi said...

I love your new balloon, I´ve been eying that pattern ever since I saw your other version on MMMar´11. And I love the material as well, linen jersey just sounds like a dream to wear!

Can´t wait to see it in action in June! :-)

Sascha said...

Wow this top is gorgeous. I would never have bought the pattern based on the picture they have, but yours is just lovely.