Blush pink for winter? New Look 6459 pants.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

So according to Instagram I finished these pants on April 2, but I only just managed to convince one of my kids to take photos today (excuse all the wrinkles from sitting at work all day).

These pants are New Look 6459 that everybody else made several years ago. I bought the pattern for the top, but ended up making the pants, and I see another version happening soon (with a couple of minor modifications).

I have to say that I'm in love with this fabric - it's the heavyweight vintage blush linen from The Fabric Store.  I would make all the things in this if I could!  In terms of adjustments I cut a size 18, omitted the front darts and used a slightly narrower seam allowance from the waist to the hip.  I think the instructions have the invisible zipper on the side but I moved it to the back.

Next time I make these I would interface the pocket openings to reduce the gaping, I'd add a little extra through the back crotch curve (it's just a touch uncomfortable when sitting if you know what I mean!) and I'd lengthen them by 1.5 inches.  I'd probably also slim the legs a little bit. 

Not sure I've got the styling quite right, but I'm loving these pants and really enjoying how versatile they are.


Lia said...

Ooh that linen looks lovely. I think the styling works but they'll also go great with a simple tank or tee!

Sharon said...

These looks very smart and a tip I use for the pocket edge is to sew some twill tape and pull it slightly so that it cups your body, I hope that makes sense.