#2017makenine review

Saturday, 30 December 2017

I hopped on board the #2017makenine train back in January, at the time these were things that I really wanted to make.  I thought it would be good to check in and see what got made, what got worn and what didn't even make it to the cutting table.

Closet Case Patterns Sophie swimsuit: This one didn't even make it to the cutting table.  It's still something I'd like to make, so you may see it in 2018.

Baste and Gather Birkin Flares: These are a work in progress (WIP).  In my mind I'll have them finished to wear on New Year's Eve, but that's tomorrow and I'm just not sure I'll get there.  I'm determined that these will happen soon.

Grainline Studio Cascade duffle:  Another one that didn't even make it to the cutting table but I love this coat and so I've added it to my #2018makenine.

Tessuti Patterns Ruby top/dress:  Made, but not blogged.  I have posted it on insta if you want to take a look.  It's a winner and will be coming to the blog soon. 

StyleArc Blaire top/dress:  Also made but not blogged.  My fabric choice wasn't quite right, it's a little too short and my collar looks sloppy - very 'home made' but in a bad way.  I'll blog it soon but think I'll just harvest the buttons and try again in a different fabric.

Silk fabric: Also a WIP, this is on its way to be a Ruby top.  I told you the pattern was a winner!

Orange Lingerie Montgomery briefs: I've made a selection of these and really like the pattern.  Fabric choice has a big impact on which pairs I reach for.  The microfibre and lace ones get worn the most, the other two I just don't reach for unless everything else is in the wash.

Evie la Luve Bella panties:  Totally addicted to making these!  I love them and they've become my undies of choice!  This pattern is a total winner for me.

Evie la Luve Esme panties: These are one of my recent makes (scroll down) and I'd like to make them again.  Next time I'll go down a size and use fold over elastic to finish the legs.

Not too bad - 5 made, 2 WIPs and 2 not started.  I'll post my #2018makenine next week, but if you want an early look you can check it out here.   How did you go with your plans/goals for 2017?

Simplicity 8228 bralette and bonus knickers

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

So I finally took my first step into the world of bra making and it's pretty fun.

I decided to start with a relatively easy project and chose Simplicity 8228, partly because it was a soft cup bra so no fiddling with underwires and partly because I love just about everything about Madalynne's aesthetic.

This is view A with a 36 band and a DD cup and I used a lovely kit from Tailor Made Shop so I didn't need to worry about finding all the bits and pieces.  My standard RTW size is a 34D but I went with the sizing indicated by the pattern.  I also noted that on Maddie's website she mentions that some people find the halter straps too short so I added around 3 inches in length.

This was so much fun to make - it's by no means perfect but it was a great starter project.  If you'd like to see a modeled shot take a look at this instagram post (scroll to second photo).

In the end I removed 2.5 inches of the extra length that I added to the straps, I also added elastic to the bottom of the band.  This wasn't included in the instructions but I noted that Ying had done that on her versions and had included enough elastic in the kit.  It certainly makes the bra feel more secure.  Unfortunately, my cup runneth over!  Despite making the DD, there's still not enough volume in the cups (conveniently, what you can't see in the insta photo is what doesn't fit in the cup!)

I actually bought a couple of kits to make this so I'm hoping that at least one of my teens would like the racer back version because I'm keen to sew it up.

Still on a lingerie bend I recently made these Evie la Luve Esme knickers.  They're a really quick sew and despite the front edges looking quite fluted in the photo below they sit flat when worn (there's no elastic on the leg edge, it's just overlocked and sewn down).

The overlap detail is really pretty and it's a great pattern for showing off a gorgeous stretch lace.  I don't think these will replace my beloved Bella's but they're a nice option to have.  I've got plans for a couple of other colour combos so there's likely to be more of these in the future.  Now I really need to go finish my work pants so that I have something to wear over these!