White for summer - Simplicity 2250

Thursday, 23 October 2014

As I put this jacket on again this morning I realised that I still hadn't blogged it.

As I was making this up I didn't think I was going to like it.  The sleeves are wider than I was expecting and a lot shorter (despite adding additional length) and I was worried that it wouldn't work very well with either my figure or my existing wardrobe.  It was miserable on the day we took these photos hence the dark, slightly blurry indoor shots taken by my totally disinterested 11 year old.

Turns out I shouldn't have worried - it's incredibly versatile and very comfy and I'm surprised how often i'm wearing it!

This is Simplicity 2250 in a size 14.  I added 1.5 inches in extra length to the sleeves and through the body.
I couldn't find an exact match for the bias binding, and I didn't want a contrast so I finished the edges with a narrow band (below).

This was made using leftovers from another project so I had to piece the band, but I think it has worked pretty well.  I've also left off the shoulder pads and front self lining.  This is possibly the most basic jacket anyone could make - it would be a great beginner project.

At the end of September I drew myself up a sewing plan for October - I was more than a little ambitious and have barely had time to get to my machines.  I'm considering taking patterns and fabric in to work and using the boardroom table on my lunch break - does anyone else do this? 

Easy peasy - StyleArc Elle

Friday, 3 October 2014

The majority of the pants and jeans in my wardrobe are either wide leg or have a bootcut and I am thoroughly sick of the silhouette.  Enter the Elle pants from StyleArc.

These are basically instant gratification sewing, three patterns pieces and an elastic waist which sits flat when worn.  These are a straight size 14, I added extra length but ended up removing it.

I ordered bengaline from StyleArc to make these up but had to throw it in the bin.  I didn't check the fabric properly and I cut them with the stretch going the wrong way - in my defense the stretch on bengaline is parallel to the selvedge which is the opposite to almost every other stretch fabric.

  When I first put these on I wasn't sure I liked them, but they're actually getting a lot of wear.  Another project off my sewing table and into my wardrobe.

So my plan to clear the decks in September has worked really well.  I've finished all the projects I had in various stages of constructions - the link seems to be that they're all really basic and I think I just lost interest in them.  I have a couple more to show you and then it's on to my plans for October.  I also got a bit click happy on the StyleArc website last night and I can't wait for my new patterns to arrive.