Vogue 8771 and another quick fix

Sunday, 26 February 2012

This top was nowhere near the top of my 'to sew' list and is completely inappropriate with the hot weather we're having, but after seeing a friend in a very similar RTW top it jumped to the front of the line.

This is view b of Vogue 8771, made up in a watermelon wool/viscose blend that I found on the clearance table at Spotlight during their Boxing Day sale.

This top has plenty of ease built in, my measurements put me between a large and an extra large and I cut out  a medium.  I made a couple of basic changes.  Firstly I decided to get rid of the hem on the cuff, I just doubled the pattern piece flipping it on the hem edge.  I prefer this finish and I'd definitely do it this way in the future.  I also added a neckband and I'm really glad I did.  The pattern has you finish the neckline by folding it under and sewing it down and I just didn't think it would look that good with this fabric. 

Overall I'm really happy with the final result even though it's too hot to wear it at the moment.  I'm considering making this again and playing with a stripey fabric.

I also completed another quick fix.  Just like the last one, this was a maxi dress that was just too short.  My favourite part, and the reason I bought the dress, was the detail around the hem so I chopped off the top to make a maxi skirt.  I felt quite nervous about cutting up a perfectly good dress but it will get so much more use now.


Sharon said...

Great top and you will be ready when the cool weather finally hits.

Love your maxi skirt, congratulations on having the courage to do it.

katherine h said...

Lovely colour.

This looks very similar to view C on Vogue 1261 which I was going to try soon.

Enjoy wearing it when the cooler weather arrives.

Bernice said...

Nice top. The colour looks great on you. Nice save with the skirt too. I keep getting tempted to start sewing a few wintery things which is really utterly ridiculous given how hot it is. Still, it's nice to dream

Linda said...

Cute top. Just read your review at PR and discovered your blog.

PurpleMum said...

Wow, love the top, can i borrow the pattern? Cool dress too, well done.

fabric epiphanies said...

I have this top pattern too and it is on my must have list for autumn. Well done. I am inspired.

Carolyn said...

Two nice pieces. I agree, it is often best to assess each knit to find out the finish that suits it the best.

Cal said...

I think the top would look awesome in a stripey fabric, as you suggested.