PJ Party

Friday, 17 February 2012

After my recent run of less than satisfactory garments, and a huge week at work, I decided I needed something quick and easy to get me going again.  Pyjamas are a winner every time.

Miss Georgia scored three new pairs of the Nighty night PJ pants I mentioned here.

Another pair of the nighty night PJ pants have been added to Caitlyn's wardrobe and a pair of Ottobre yoga pants (for some reason I found it quite mind blowing to be tracing patterns out of my pattern magazine for one of my girls - it really brought home how much she's growing up).  While I was going I also made myself another pair.

To finish off my night wear extravaganza I whipped up a little nighty for Paige from the Farbenmix Lore pattern.  It was my first time using fold over elastic, it was so easy and made the nighty look more RTW.  I did find that the top edge on the front and the back both stretched a little as I was going, but I think that was because there was too much pressure from the presser foot.  Once I reduced the pressure I didn't have any problems.

My husband did pass comment that I'd made something for everyone else except him, but the kids and I are happy and I think I'm ready to try some of those new patterns now.  


Bernice said...

Sounds like the perfect pick-me-up. I've never used foldover elastic either. I have some and am contemplating giving it a go this weekend. Perfect timing to read your tip!

katherine h said...

Gold star to you for all that family sewing! PJs are often the most worn sewing items.

fabric epiphanies said...

Well done, pj's are on my to do list as well.

Sharon said...

Great PJ's I've got the fabric just need to find the time.

Carolyn said...

You have been so productive! I've never seen foldover elastic in the stores here, but I've heard it does make things look a lot more professionally finished. The prints you have chosen are so pretty!

theperfectnose said...

Nice. Ottobre rocks. I'm making a couple of their pj shorts at the moment. Your girls are beautiful by the way.