I'm getting worse - McCall's 5977

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I show you all my beautiful new patterns and then what do I sew?  Something that has been in my pattern stash for ages.  And it doesn't look good.  Here's the story.

First I thought I'd use this fabric.

Then as I'm pinning it all I can see is a recurring pattern that looks more than a little like a naked woman.  Or is that just me?!  It got the better of me and I put that fabric away and pulled out something else.

There are so many positive reviews for McCall's 5977 on Pattern Review that I just jumped right in.  I cut a size 14 and added 2 inches to ensure the waist point hit at my waist.  The fit is too big on top, too tight around the hips and pooling at the back.  I really need a few simple tops in this style so I'll probably persevere and make some changes to the pattern to get a fit I'm happy with.  Or try the Sorbetto top.

The sad part is I used a beautiful peacock blue silk satin, I'll be salvaging these pieces and thankfully I still have plenty left to make something else.  This really drains the sewing mojo, but I've learnt my lesson.  I need to spend more time making sure the end garment fits well; measuring more, tissue fitting and making a muslin if I want a really good fit.

And to finish on a happier note I did re-hem this maxi dress I made last year (I was inspired by Fix-it Friday). I love the dress but for whatever reason I didn't make it quite long enough.  Every time I wore it I felt like it looked wrong - so I cut it off and it now sits just above the knee.  Much better.


Bernice said...

I once had a neighbour who had an enormous naked tattoo of a woman on his back in exact same pose - not pretty. Were you intending on using this fabric to make something fitted or something drapey? If drapey, no one will notice. I guess it all depends on your seam lines, any added embellishments like pockets and accessories. You must admit, it is kinda funny!

Bummer about the top. Moments like those can be so derailing. Good luck with it.

Sharon said...

Sorry about your top, I find toiles a must for most fabrics I want to use, but thankfully you can salvage this one.

Jorth! said...

Love that dress!

Gabrielle said...

Oh, how disappointing to find a hidden naked woman in your fabric! I had to chuckle about it though - it would have been too easy to cut it out and sew it up without realising! Just think of the funny looks you could have got! Having said that I think Bernice is quite right; depending on your pattern and your seam lines and pockets etc you can probably take the naked lady out.

Good luck with take 2 on that beautiful blue fabric (did you get it from the Fabric Shop? I have some that looks just like it!) - and your dress is looking gorgeous!

theperfectnose said...

I thought it was a bigfoot taking his head off (you know like the victorian geotropes?). Use it upside down!