Comments - help please

Monday, June 20, 2011

OK - I've had enough of Blogger's dodgy comment problems. 

It seems that some people are able to comment on my blog and others can't.  I've been in to my settings and changed a few things around, including removing the word verification and allowing anonymous comments (although I'd much prefer if you did leave a name or blog link so that I can return the favour).  Fingers crossed that it works and I don't just end up with a heap of spam.  If anyone has any other suggestions I'd love to hear them.

And I found this yesterday - what do you think?


Bernice said...

I'm not very techno-savvy so can't offer any advice. You could throw salt over one of your shoulders!

PurpleMum said...

Hello, I really like the t-shirt pattern too!

PurpleMum said...

Ohhhh, it worked, I can comment on your blog again! Hooray!!!!!!!

Audrey said...

Neat trim idea for a top. Great way to use up scraps I can't bear to throw away. Allowing anonymous commenters will allow them to comment on your blog, but they may still have problems on other blogs unless they deselect the Google “stay logged in” option, clear their cache and their internet cookies. I beleive the problem is their Google internet cookies are corrupted and the one data is sent when trying to logon to your blog does not contain the Google account info your blog is looking for. I was having problems commenting using my Google and Typepad accounts. I found some discussions about the problem and this suggested fix on line, and it worked for me. I had to do it on all the machines I use to post comments because cookies are stored on the hard drive of each PC. The cookie corruption probably occurred when Google had the server issues a few weeks back. The Google server puts the cookie on the user’s machine. But Google can’t fix it especially if the user has settings to stay logged in and accept and keep cookies for a long time.