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Saturday, March 5, 2011

When is your camera most likely to play up?  How about when you have to take daily pictures of yourself...not sure what the problem is but having to constantly mess around with it is driving me crazy.

So I left you with pictures of day two - thanks for the shoe love :-)

MMM Day 3 saw me pull out the BurdaStyle Kasia skirt.  I think just about every blogger has made this skirt.  My version is made from a navy cotton linen blend with the front panel lined in red.  Rather than add the traditional six buttons for the sailor front I've only used the top two.  I like the way it looks but it does pooch out a little bit.

MMM Day 4 and I'm back to the Simplicity patterns, this time it's Simplicity 3684 - View A in a silk cotton blend.  I'm looking pretty rumpled in this photo - it was taken after a long day at work which felt even longer because I don't usually work on Fridays.  I loved this shirt when I first made it - but now I can only see my mistakes.  My delightful husband told me I looked like a bloke.  I'm going to take that as meaning that it's too big and you can't make out my figure ;-)

MMM Day 5 and today it's a top from a Japanese dress pattern.  I saw the ever stylish Yoshimi make this and loved it so I had to make my own.  I love the way the neckline changes, curved at the front and a V at the back. 

You can see from the photos above that I've been spending some time in my sewing room, mostly working on some kids clothes and mending (yuk) but I do have a new dress cut out so hopefully I'll get some of it done this weekend.

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Bernice said...

I LOVE the last top. It looks fabulous on you. I LOVE your bog sewing table as well. I need to get back into some real sewing too - snowed under by UFOs and mending at the moment.