Friday, March 11, 2011

Prepare yourself for a picture heavy post - it's a Me Made March update.  It seems I left off with day 5, so we're up to day 6.

The weather warmed up a bit on Sunday so I got to pull on my most recent version of Simplicity 3503.  I love maxi dresses, they always make me feel so elegant and yet so comfortable at the same time.

Day 7 and I was back to work where I pulled out one of my favourite tops.  I'd had the 'wings' fabric for a little while but wasn't sure what to make with it and then I saw another blogger make McCall's 5337 (they used a quilting cotton) and it was like a light bulb went off.  My version isn't perfect but I love it.

Day 8 should have been a work day, but Miss G was sick so we both had a day off.  I pulled on another version of Simplicity 3503, this time in a silk jersey.  I'd had this dress stashed away with my sewing things for ages because I hated the way I finished the hem, but now I think that it just needs a good press, something I didn't bother doing before I wore it!

Day 9 was all me-made for most of the day - the little cardi only came out late in the day when it started to cool down.  The top is my recently completed Simplicity 2603 and the skirt is Vogue 8426.  Hubby complimented me on this outfit so it must be OK.

Day 10 brings me up to date.  Today's me-made is my jacket.  It's a natural coloured linen with a metallic golden finish, which I don't think you can see in the photos.  It's another Simplicity, this time it's Simplicity 3538 one of the earlier Project Runway patterns.

I'll be back later today with Day 11's picture.  Prepare to be underwhelmed :-)

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Bernice said...

I love that your maxi matches your kitchen. You'd look so sophisticated hosting dinner parties.