Simplicity 3503 Maxi dress

Friday, February 11, 2011

I think Simplicity 3503 is one of the most popular Simplicity dress patterns and has been made quite a few times around blog land so I won't say too much about it.

I love this pattern and this is the third time I've made it - although I've only ever made views D and E.  It goes together really easily and the only change I made was to lengthen the skirt by a couple of inches. 

Should probably crop my photos so that you can't see all of my stuff lying around!  I love this dress.  It's such a flattering design and the patterned fabric is a step away from my usual solid colours.

Here's a picture of the front of our garage during the recent rain storms in Melbourne.  Water was running right through our garage.  This photo was taken after my husband cut an extra drain across the driveway to help the water get away - there was so much rain the drains just couldn't handle it.  Apparently it was a 1 in 155 year event.  That's my two older girls and my Dad in the picture below.  The girls thought it was great fun.


Bernice said...

Your maxi dress looks stunning. The contrasting neckline really works against the rest of the fabric.

Flooding! Blimey! I feel like 2011 has been about nothing but flooding. I got caught for 7 days south of Gympie and Rockhampton in early January and just got caught for 6 days in Townsville last week after Yasi. The drought is well and truly over.

toy said...

I have this pattern, I have the fabric, but I'm going to wait until maybe May or june to sew mines, it looks great, that is a nice piece of fabric you used there

Robyn said...

Hi ladies - thanks for both your comments - this pattern is a winner in my books!

Mrs. Joanz said...

I Love your dress! I just ordered the pattern and hope it turns out as lovely as yours.