A new addition

Friday, February 4, 2011

I had big plans for this week - a whole week off work and the last week of school holidays - I was planning to take a trip to my sister's house and then spend the rest of the week doing things with the kids and sewing up some new work clothes.  It hasn't quite worked out that way - I'll spare you the details but I've had tradesmen in my house all week and haven't been able to leave. 

Thankfully we did go up the highway to visit my lovely sister.  We had a fantastic weekend and to top it off I came home with a new addition to the sewing room.

My sister recently bought a new sewing machine and so I bought her old one and it sews like an absolute dream.  While I was there we dropped into Spotlight and I came home with 4 new additions to the fabric stash, although one piece has already been sewn up so that's not really stashing is it?

I've never sewn with this knit before (it was in the dry knit area but that makes me think of athletic clothes and it's not like that) and it's patterned which is really unusual for me.  For some reason I always buy/make clothes from solid colours.  Two new to me things to broaden my horizons slightly.  That's Simplicity 3503 on the cutting table and now it just needs hemming so I should be able to post it soon.

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