The Graduate

Thursday, 15 December 2011

My first baby graduated from primary school last night.

I was stoked when she asked me to make her a dress for graduation, I think I'm the only grade 6 mum that sews so the kids think it's pretty cool when I make things.

This is Simplicity 2443.  Again.  According to the pattern measurements Caitlyn is smaller than the size 6.  So I took a little off the side seams, the centre front and from the strap length.  Turns out I probably could have made a straight size 6 because it's reasonably tight.  Cait really wanted the wide elastic waistband and the ruffle fabric that we used for the skirt.  I think the ruffle fabric is supposed to run the other way so that the ruffles sit flat, but Cait preferred it with the ruffles draping down.  I self lined the top and used the same cotton knit to line the skirt so that everything was nice and opaque. 

We got a lovely surprise when Caitlyn received the academic excellence and behaviour award.  We're so proud of her!


Lisa said...

The dress looks great and Cait is a little star! Or a growing star I should say - I can't believe she is heading off to secondary school!

Lisa (Pam's friend!)

Sharon said...

Very pretty dress and every reason to be proud parents.

fabric epiphanies said...

Must have been the week for it! My son graduated from primary school as well, only in NZ we do it in year 8. I was a little lazy though and didn't attempt his outfit.

PurpleMum said...

So am I! What a clever niece I have. What a lovely dress, you have done a wonderful job as always.xx