Friday 19 March 2021

Getting back to it

I've wanted to step back into this space for a while but felt like I needed to wait for the right moment.  I have no idea what I thought the right moment would look like, so I kept waiting.  Time to just jump straight back in.  

I have a massive list of all the things I want to sew, more than I will ever have time for, and then when I do have time to sew I get distracted by all the projects.  I've spent a bit of time thinking about what I need and what I'd like to make and this is where I landed:

Image via Something Delightful

A black slip.  I'm going to use Butterick 6031. I ended up throwing away my last slip once it had patches in it that had worn through.  Also, my shape had changed (or the slip shrank) as it no longer covered my bum and that's pretty important.  I bought two of Gertie's kits to make these years ago so I have everything I need.  There's several items in my wardrobe I can't wear without a slip so this will be enormously helpful.

Image via

Camel trousers.  I have some beautiful camel wool that I bought from Clear It several years ago with the intention of making trousers.  I think I'll use Simplicity 8056.  I have practically lived in an old, worn out pair of black pants for the last 12 months so these will be a very welcome change.  Also, they should work really nicely with my predominantly black, white, grey and navy wardrobe.

image via Friday Pattern Company

Cambria Duster.  I bought the fabric and pattern for this thinking it would be great for spring.  It never got done (are you sensing a theme!)  Anyway, I think it will work just as well as a light layer for autumn.  I'm planning on using this Harley fabric from Tessuti.

image via @truebias

Square neck Nikko top.  I've made the Nikko top from True Bias multiple times over the years.  I loved the square neck version that Kelli did using the hack from What Bella Made.  I'm planning on making it in black depending on what fabric is in the stash.

This is a really good jumping off point for me but I know that there'll be other projects that sneak into the queue.  I think this will help keep me on track when I don't know where to start,


Hayley said...

I can definitely relate to having more projects in he queue than time to sew for! I just chose the one I’m most excited about (unless it’s something I really need like underwear). Have fun planning and sewing!

katherine h said...

These look like great plans! Happy sewing x

KS_Sews (Dressmakingbacles) said...

Love me some sewing plan posts!

I've made 4 of those Butterick slips and have worn a couple OUT. I need to make more. It's such a great pattern.

I just finished up a square neck (woven) top for my daughter and was thinking I might like to try that neckline for myself. Love this version of the Nikko.