New Blue Dress 2 - Vogue 1179

Thursday, 22 September 2011

I'm finally managing to carve out a bit more time for sewing and with the slightly warmer weather I'm thinking about summer.

I've got a RTW dress in a very similar style to Vogue 1179 and I've also seen quite a few versions around the blog-o-sphere on women of all shapes and sizes so I thought I'd give it a go.

The colour of this matte polyester jersey grabbed my eye on a recent shopping trip and I immediately thought of this pattern.  This is a super simple dress that can easily be completed in a couple of hours.  I made this up straight out of the envelope in a size 14.  My hem isn't as deep as recommended but I'm planning on wearing this to work so I can't have it too short.  The armholes are quite snug and when I tried it on I thought I'd enlarge them, but after wearing the dress all day I'm going to leave it like it is. 

I don't only sew with knits - I've got a couple of wovens items cut out and a few other fabrics pre-washed.  I'll just have to see which one calls my name the loudest.


Eugenia said...

This is one of my favourite dress patterns (I have made three so far) and your version looks very lovely indeed. The colour is gorgeous!

toy said...

I love this and I had totally forgotten about this pattern, great color

PurpleMum said...

Wow, I like that one! I am even inspired to make on e myself, if there is a size big enough to go around me!!
Looks great on you.

Audrey said...

It looks great on you, both the color and the style. My friend made this one and it looked good on her too. I just can't picture it on me.

Gabrielle said...

Your new blue dress looks great on you, and great idea to layer it with tights and a cardi!

Bernice said...

The colour and style look great. I've been umming and arring over this one for a while.

Carolyn said...

This is a perfectly lovely dress! I love the colour you have chosen, and the drape and neckline is beautifully flattering. It looks great with the tights and boots, and will look just as gorgeous without; a perfect dress as we head into warmer weather!
(thank you for your kind words too btw :))