The Jordy bralette, a surprise favourite

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Have you ever made something, thought it was beautiful, but weren't sure how often you'd reach for it?  That was me with the Jordy Bralette.  Since finishing this in October last year I think I've worn it at least once a week and it was my favourite thing to wear during the really hot muggy spell that Melbourne had over summer.

I made a size 34E using a scuba and foam kit from Tailor Made Shop.  To choose your cup size the instructions tell you to subtract your under bust from your full bust measurement and round to the nearest number.  It doesn't say whether you should round up or down and with a difference of 5.5 inches I was right in the middle of two sizes.  I decided to round up and the fit is great.

Emerald Erin has done a great job with the instructions, this was a really quick and satisfying project and I plan on making a few more in the future.

I can highly recommend the kits from Tailor Made Shop.  The cuts were generous, with enough scuba and foam to make two bralettes and the findings and elastics are a really nice quality.  This little bralette feels very luxe.  

I decided I wanted a matching set and paired the leftover scuba with the Binky panties pattern from Evie la Luve.  Another quick and satisfying sew.  Basically this is the perfect comfy lingerie set for relaxing on the weekend.