Kicking off 2019

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year! 

This space was totally neglected in 2018 but I still love blogs and think they bring something different so I'll do what I can to reinvigorate it in 2019.

Like last year I've loved seeing all the #2019makenine lists popping up on Instagram, but this year I'm not going to participate.  I want to try something a little different - if I can make it work you'll see it here on Feb 1.  I may not have a list of projects but I do have three simple goals:

I have a large sewing room with very generous storage space and my cupboards are overflowing with beautiful fabric.  It's a great problem to have but I want to use the fabric while I still love it.  Ditto for my pattern collection. 

I tend to have a very practical approach to sewing and generally focus on making items I need.  This year I want to add a little bit more fun to my wardrobe and sew some frosting. Can't wait to make a start towards this goal!

So how did I do with my #2018makenine list?  Not very well.  I made 2 of my 9 planned garments, the Lodo dress and Archer shirt.  The Lodo dress ended up as a cropped top due to a sizing error but I do love it.  Neither item got blogged, but there is a picture of my lodo top on instagram.   I sewed my Archer in September and just had to add buttons.  I finally sewed those on yesterday so hopefully I'll get that up here soon.

I actually still love all of the items I picked last year so maybe they'll get made up in 2019.

I love being a very small part of this amazing community of makers and I'm excited to see what the new year will bring.  Do you have any sewing/creating goals or resolutions for 2019?


poppykettle said...

Always love seeing your makes Robyn, I think because you always sew such wonderful and classic every items! No resolutions from me - The second I resolve to do something is a death knell for me ever actually doing it haha! Once we're back in our house (and renovations finished) I'm just looking forward to actually sewing, so will stick with that ;)

katherine h said...

Blogs are still my favourite way to reading about sewing. I look forward to your sewing in 2019!

KS_Sews said...

Hands down prefer reading blogs for sewing and I am glad so many of us are hanging in there.

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