Black linen Cleo

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Ever have a garment that you just can't get photos of?  That's Cleo, so I'm glad that I'm finally able to get her on the blog.  I made this back in September at Sewjourn so she's waited a while for her blog debut.

I'd been wanting a dungaree/overall dress for ages, but wasn't sure if the style was for me.  In the end I decided if I wanted one then I should just make one and enjoy wearing it.  So I did and I do!

This is the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo pinafore and dungaree dress.  It's possibly the easiest thing in the world to make.  I purchased the pattern locally from Maai Design (no affiliation, just a happy customer) as she has great customer service and I like supporting Australian small businesses.

This is a size 6 made up in the midi length from a lovely black linen from Spotlight.  My only adjustments were to chop an inch or 2 off until I was happy with the length and to sew down the straps as I didn't need them to be adjustable.

I only include the front patch pocket.  I do wish that I'd added jeans style pockets on the front as I keep reaching to put my hands in them.   They're not included in the pattern but it wouldn't be difficult to add them.

I'm so glad that I just went for it and made this up as I really love it.  Looking forward to following my instincts even more in 2018!

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poppykettle said...

Definitely - it's a great make and looks really good on you! I'm clicking over to have a look at it now...