Trial run - Jalie 2564

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Why is it that everything feels like it wears out at exactly the same time?  My sleepwear of choice is a singlet top/camisole with built in shelf bra and a pair of boyleg shorts.  When I went to replace my well worn PJs I discovered that a single tank top was over $30 which felt like a ridiculous amount for what it is.  You know the feeling - you know you could make it for less than it costs and choose whatever colours/patterns you like (irrespective of whether you actually have the time or energy to do it).

Being the great procrastinator that I am I put off doing anything for another 12 months and my pjs were disgusting - the elastic had completely gone, they were all stretched out of shape and you could see through the fabric.  So. Bad.

Enter Jalie 2564 (I couldn't find it listed on Jalie's website) which I bought years ago in anticipation of making my own singlet tops.  For my trial run I used a foil print stretch cotton from Spotlight and fold over elastic from Etsy.  I was tossing up what colour elastic to use but in the end I figured anything Mickey Mouse needed a touch of red.

I wasn't happy with my initial application of the fold over elastic - it made the neckline look really baggy so I ripped it out and followed this tutorial from Emerald Erin and it worked a charm.

To finish the set I sewed up a pair of the Cloth Habit Rosy Ladyshorts.  Couldn't be happier with them and I'm so glad that I fussy cut Mickey.  One of my girls even asked for a pair so I must have done something right!

After sleep testing these my only adjustment would be to add about another inch in length to the singlet top/camisole.  I bought some beautiful cotton/elastin Art Gallery Fabrics  for the real deal, hopefully I get a chance to post about them later this week.


Accordion3 said...

Nice job! With the added bonus of a second set of PJ's happening soon.

Sharon said...

This such a cute PJ set and I've got that Jalie pattern but haven't used it yet.