Style Arc duo - Charlie and Ginger

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year!  I'm looking forward to doing more of what I love in 2017 and hopefully getting back to this space a little more often.  So many of the clothes I made in 2016 didn't made it to the blog but I really wanted to post this duo because I like them so much.

This is the Style Arc Charlie skirt in a stretch denim and the Style Arc Ginger top in a bamboo knit.

The skirt is straight size 14 and sews up pretty easily.  Style Arc are known for their sparse instructions (the great drafting makes up for it) but the instructions for completing the waistband on this skirt will make you scratch your head.

I chose to do my own thing and left out the elastic.  I sewed the front skirt as instructed and then folded down the back casing and top stitched before sewing the side seams.  It produced a nice neat finish and there is no danger of this skirt falling down.  In fact I have to pull this over my head as the denim doesn't have enough stretch to pull this up over my hips!  I've put a picture below, hopefully you can see how I've completed the waistband.

I really like this skirt and can see it getting lots of wear.  If I was sewing this again I'd probably sew the front split down another inch.  It just feels a little bit too high, especially when I sit down.

I am absolutely in love with this top.  The construction is really simple, but clever.  It's comfortable, the bamboo feels amazing and I think it's quite an elegant top.  Again no alterations needed, this is a straight size 12.

I'm on a bit of a Style Arc bender at the moment with several items half finished.  I seem to have acquired sewing ADD and keep starting the next project before I finish the last one. There are just so many things that I want to make!

Thank you to everyone who visited and left comments this year.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2017, may you create many happy memories throughout the year.  


Blogless Anna said...

Happy New Year Robyn. What a great outfit. I'm loving the top in particular.

fabric epiphanies said...

What a great combination. I haven't tried the skirt pattern but have tried the top.

Sharon said...

Two classic pieces and I suspect you got a lot of wear from them during the summer.