Second time around - Ginger and Jalie

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dodgy photo alert!  I finished two and a half items over the long weekend, but I'm not sharing any of them today!

These Ginger jeans and Jalie 3245 top were made over my unintended blogging break.  Unfortunately my camera isn't working at the moment so I'm reduced to iPhone photos and you can't really see the details.

The Ginger jeans are almost exactly the same as last time but with a half inch adjustment for excess fabric under the butt and pull lines explained in this post.  I also slimmed the calves down even more to make these a truly skinny jean.  

The fabric is a really stretchy Ralph Lauren over dyed denim bought from Emma One Sock earlier this year.  It's beautiful and the fabric was lovely to work with.  I also used standard thread this time - my machine just doesn't like top stitching thread.

I've made the top before too but it seems I never blogged it.  I've used a gorgeous coral wool jersey I bought at The Fabric Store with my sister earlier this year.  From memory the only change I made was to add an extra inch in length.

Two nice new basics for the wardrobe.  Love the colour of the top and the shaped hem, but think I could have gone down a size.  I also love that I have jeans that are comfortable and long!  Oh the joys of sewing.

I love the feeling of the high waist but I'm not sure I like the way they look when you can see it through a top (like in the photos above).  I'm also not sure I have the right body shape for the high waist look, so I think I'll try the lower rise at some point in the future.

Day Dreaming

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

I've had such high hopes for my sewing but I haven't been able to turn those dreams into reality.

You know how it goes - there's a party so you think you'll make something awesome to wear, there's a job interview so you need a new outfit to give you that extra boost of confidence, there are important meetings where you want to be at your absolute best and you can't find anything in your wardrobe that feels right.  Surely I'm not the only one!  All these events have come and gone without a stitch of new clothing in sight and I've survived (I even got the job!).

But I'm itching to sew.  I bought some gorgeous new fabrics on a trip to Sydney, I've indulged in online shopping and even Wade has suggested that I'm going to struggle to make up all the patterns that are arriving in the mail.

It's time to put my foot to the pedal.

We have a public holiday on Monday which means a long weekend and for the first time in months I don't have to be out all weekend at kids sport.  Given that I'm the worlds slowest sewer I figure I can get through three simple garments, anything else is a total bonus.

So here's my Queen's Birthday long weekend sewing list:

The Morris Blazer - just need to pre-wash my fabrics and I'm ready to go.
Morris Blazer
Image via
Simplicity 1366 - So many versions of this top out there, but I just think it would be a great winter layering piece.

Papercut Patterns Anima pants - I have a beautiful bamboo/tencel french terry set aside for these and I can't wait to wear them.

Anima Pant
image via

Hopefully having a dedicated list will stop me from becoming overwhelmed by everything that I want to sew - I've been going into my sewing room and looking at all the lovely fabrics and patterns and not quite knowing where to start.

Do you have any weekend sewing plans?  Do you ever get overwhelmed by the long list of things you want to sew?  How do pick what you're going to make next?