Silk Scout III

Friday, 6 March 2015

I'm demonstrating my love for the Grainline Scout pattern again today.  I treated myself to some amazing silk in Tessuti's summer sale, it's possibly the most expensive fabric per meter that I've ever bought.  I promised myself it wouldn't sit in a cupboard and become to precious to cut in to.

Yes, I appear to have a flower on my boob - despite my very best efforts not to.  There are worse things in life!

This is my third silk Scout (here and here) and my fourth overall (here).  The cotton version has been moved to my scrap box for re-use, but my silk ones are in constant rotation.  They're perfect at work, I think they look just as nice tucked into a skirt as they do left out over pants and they're great with a pair of casual shorts too.

I guess this post is more about me proving to myself that I do use my special fabrics rather than sharing any particular sewing info!


Sharon said...

Beautiful fabric and non one will take any notice of the flower! You have got this pattern looking perfect.

Mrs. Smith said...

It looks absolutely beautiful!

fabric epiphanies said...

I can't see the flower being a big issue. The fabric is gorgeous and the patterns a long time favourite.