Copy cat - Papercut Anima Pants

Monday, 2 March 2015

From a so-so project to one that I love.  I'd been admiring all the great woven versions of the Anima pants and the very similar Hudson pants and thought I'd be a copy cat and give it a try.

I wasn't convinced these would work for me so I used a piece of rayon that has been in the stash for several years and figured I had nothing to lose.  Because I was using a woven I went up one size and used a slightly smaller seam allowance.  

I went back and forwards about whether I was going to cuff the hems or not, but in the end I decided not to.  I did add an extra 1.5 inches to the length and then used a facing to finish the hem so I didn't lose the length, the little bit of extra weight also helps them to sit nicely.

I have to say when I first put these on I thought I'd made pyjama pants and immediately decided to cut them down and turn them into shorts.  But a strange thing happened - I kept reaching for them.  They are perfect when it's hot because they're so light (and you don't get stuck to the seat watching your kids play sport like you do when you wear shorts).  They're great at work with a pair of heels and a silk top or I can throw them on at the weekend with a t-shirt and pair of thongs (flip-flops)

Using such a light weight fabric the do tend to bag a little at the knee and at the back, but you don't get that 'full nappy/diaper' look which I was a bit worried about!  A quick wash brings them right back into shape.

I'm incredibly happy with these pants and so glad that I didn't cut them down to shorts - although I may yet make the shorts length :)


Coco said...

these are nice! I laughed that you chose a rayon from the stash...I am wary of rayon as well :-)

katherine h said...

These are lovely. You'll have to make more of them!

Sharon said...

Sound like the perfect pants and they look very good on.

Emma said...

These look fantastic with your top and heels, what a great idea to use rayon. Perfect to dress up or down.

Dorothy DotDot said...

It's always wonderful when sewing items work in one's favor. Maybe you'll make more.