Who you calling Koi?

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ok, so it's a very corny blog title but it's the best I can do at the moment.

I hope I don't have another week like the last for a very long time.  I was so exhausted on Friday night that Wade gave me a 10pm curfew!  I was desperate to spend some time in my sewing room and I had very limited brain capacity so I decided to make myself another pair of Amy Butler Lounge Pants.

I bought this koi print flannelette at Spotlight recently with the lounge pants pattern in mind.  There's nothing nicer than a pair of cozy comfy flannel pj pants on a cold day.  The only thing I did differently to last time was to add an extra 2 inches to the length and leave off the hem bands ( I haven't touched the coat I mention in that post, it's still waiting to be sewn up).

These pants are designed for comfort, not figure flattery (on me anyway), but I love them.  The fabric makes me smile, they feel terrific and I finished them before my imposed bedtime!  Now I just need to make a pj top to go with them.


Sharon said...

I would smile with those PJ's as well, they look perfect and I will keep my fingers crossed for you for a quieter week.

Marie said...

What a cute print - your pants will be perfect for lounging in. I hopee this week is better for you.

Coco said...

Love your fabric and pj's. Hope you got that rest!