Now it feels challenging

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I love the first week of Me Made May.  It's all excitement, inspiration and good vibes.

Things usually start to get a bit tricky around week 2.  That's when I ask myself why I pledged to wear two me made items every day.  I've worn a lot of me made undies to fulfill my daily quota :)

My me made wardrobe is not yet at a point where I can put together a full months worth of outfits that I feel good about.  At the moment work is hectic, my personal life is hectic and studying is taking up much more time than I thought it would.  I need my clothes to help me feel good and well put together and I don't feel like it's happening at the moment, but I'm not going to give up.  Alright, enough navel gazing, lets take a look at what I wore.

Day 8
Wearing Simplicity 3686 slim fit pants, self draft top and Simplicity 2443 jacket.  Crazy dogs are optional!

 Day 9
 Wearing Simplicity 2451 skirt and Butterick 5627 top. This outfit looks much better with the black cardigan and shoes that I took off!

Day 10
Wearing another version of Simplicity 3686 pants and Simplicity 2443 jacket.

Day 11
Wearing Simplicity 3538 jacket (pre-blog) and BWOF 2/2007 105b t-shirt (un-blogged). 

Day 12
Wearing my japanese balloon top and me made undies. 

Day 13
Only wearing one me made item today and it's my stripey Kwik Sew 3740 top. 

Day 14
Had to borrow a Flickr photo from last year, but it's the exact same outfit.  Simplicity 3631 jacket (pre-blog) and Vogue 8685 dress 

MMM - Day 7b

Favourite outfit of the week goes to day 11, I do love that jacket and the t-shirt fabric is soft and beautiful to wear.  My least favourite is probably day 10, it needs a different top and day 9 looked better when I had my black cardigan on - the proportions look wrong when I take it off.

I think week three is going to be even tougher!


velosewer said...

Looks like you've had a very stylish week.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

For someone who is so busy, you look remarkably put together.

Sharon said...

I think you are doing amazing with your wardrobe and this week is no exception, they all look great!

Philippa said...

It might cheer you to know that I am considering ordering some patterns on the strength of your beautiful jackets!

Gabrielle said...

You're looking super stylish from this perspective!