Sewing for the man - Jalie 2918

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Meet Wade.

You might have seen the occasional photo of him on here and he has rated a couple of mentions (particularly when he built my sewing room cabinets).  Recently the complaints have been coming thick and fast about the total lack of sewing that is being done for him.  So I did a little bit of pattern browsing and came up with Jalie 2918 - a simple t-shirt pattern with neck and sleeve variations.

The first photo is view B in a beautiful black marle merino from Tessuti Fabrics (bought on my first visit when they opened in Melbourne) and the below is view A in a grey cotton/elastane from the stash (I think it was originally from Crafty Mamas).  The pattern suggests that you select the size based on the chest measurement, I made up a straight size 42 (or AA on the pattern sheet).  It's actually one size smaller than his chest measurement and better matches his waist and hip measurements.  We're both really pleased with the fit - I did consider tapering the sides in a little towards the hips but Wade liked it the way it was and he's the one who's going to wear them.

This was my first time sewing with a Jalie pattern and I really liked it.  The instructions were brief but the application of the v-neck was well illustrated and resulted in the best v-necks I've ever done.  I can see myself doing more man sewing in the future, in fact he has already put in an order for a hoodie (pattern suggestions most welcome).


katherine h said...

Oops, you don't want to keep sewing such successful garments for him...he'll want them all the time! Great work.

Sue said...

I love this t-shirt pattern too - so RTW. My son's friends were surprised to hear I had made his t-shirt!

Sharon said...

Very smart t-shirts and I might need to look at this one for DH.

PurpleMum said...

Woohoo. Who is that hot guy, is that my brother in law???
They look grat Rob, you have done an awesome job, he should be very pleased.

fabric epiphanies said...

Nice to meet you Wade. I better not show this post to my husband or he may get ideas. If he does, I would definitely consider this pattern. I have had great results with Jalie for myself.