All aboard...Vogue 1250

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Yep, I've jumped on the bandwagon.

In an effort to get my mojo flowing again I sewed up Vogue 1250.  I've had this cut out and sitting on the floor of my sewing room for a couple of weeks, but I was really worried.  Everybody has raved about this dress and I thought that I'd be the one person that the dress looks rubbish on.  My fears were completely unfounded - it's as great as everyone says it is.

Kidding around with hubby

It's a very easy make, but still worth casting your eye over the instructions.  I didn't think I needed to, but was kicking myself when I had to unpick little tiny black stitches on stretchy black fabric.  My only alteration was to lengthen the bodice by 1.5 inches above the waistline, but that's pretty standard for me.

Sensible, but blurry

I've made this out of a lightweight polyester jersey, which drapes beautifully (love the neckline - it's perfect), but shows every lump and bump.  I'll need a slip and the right underwear before I head out in public in this one.

 New mirror giving a glimpse of my sewing room

I think it worked.  I'm heading back into my sewing room tonight with the Australian Open to keep me company. 

Under Instruction

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My mojo has up and disappeared.  I think it's a combination of returning to work (when hubby and kids are still on holidays) and Melbourne's recent cold snap.  I just can't work up any enthusiasm for the 3 items I have cut out.

Good thing that someone in our house wants to sew.

For the past few lots of school holidays I've been telling Caitlyn that I'd teach her how to sew, we'd even gone as far as selecting some rather wild quilting cotton from my stash.

She did all the work while I provided the instructions and she's done a really good job.  These are the Little Nighty Night Pattern by Favorite Things in the size 13/14.  We've used it before and have found the pj shorts really good.  I think she's quite impressed with herself because she's worn them every night since she made them. 

Thanks for all the undies love - I'm still ridiculously pleased with them.  A couple of people asked what fabric I used, it was all nice quality cotton/elastin that I had in the scrap bag and stash.

Hopefully I can kick start the mojo and get sewing again because there's so much I want to do.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

I made undies!  Sorry if this all becomes too much information but I'm really impressed with my first foray into making underwear.

I've started going through my wardrobe weeding out the things that don't fit or need replacing and I discovered that I'm in desperate need of new underwear (I just thought I was really slack at keeping up with the washing!)

I love these Elle McPherson Intimates but at the moment $15.95 each is a bit too rich for my budget.  I decided it couldn't be that hard to make my own so I grabbed an old pair and cut them up to make my own pattern.

I pulled out my bag of fabric scraps and started cutting.  I made one pair and took them for a test drive before I made any more.  They were just as good as the originals so I ended up making a selection (nine pairs!).  These were all made on my regular sewing machine using the twin needle to sew down the leg binding and waistband.  Now that I know how easy it is I'm not sure I'll be buying them again.

Happy New Year and a new dress

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!  I hope 2012 treats you well.  We saw the new year in with our neighbours watching all the fireworks in the area.  They really were quite beautiful.  Instead of a wrap up of 2011 I decided to start the year off with a new dress.

This is the Jamie Christina Mission Maxi.  I bought this fabric with view C in mind (it has a godet in the back), but there wasn't enough so I made view A instead.  This is a great pattern, it has a lovely shape and sews up so quickly. I made a size 14 and the only change I made was to lengthen it by 5 inches and leave it unhemmed.  I still want to make view C so you'll probably see this pattern again before Summer ends.  Which brings me to some goals for 2012...

This year I'd like to use more new (to me) patterns (except for this one, I'm making an exception for it!).  If I like something I tend to make it over and over again.  I think it's time I challenged myself a little more and that includes trying to make things I've never attempted before like bathers and underwear.

So I'm wishing you all good sewing mojo for 2012 and I'm looking forward to continuing to share my sewing journey with you.