Racing Stripes

Sunday, 28 August 2011

About 6 weeks ago Georgia and I had a bit of a date, we did a bit of fabric shopping and then headed out for a hot chocolate.  She'd been looking through my Ottobre magazines and picked out a pattern and asked me to make it for her.  As the middle child she gets a lot of hand-me-downs and never complains so I was happy to make this for her.

She chose the Hooded Sweater (spring 1/2005, design 30) and matched it up with some apple green polar fleece and white fleecy knit.  I find the Ottobre patterns to be very generous in width, but not in length.  I traced out size 134 with the length of size 146 and then added another inch.  It could have used another couple of inches, but Georgia's really happy with it.

It went together pretty nicely.  The instructions are quite brief, and I had to think my way through the instructions for applying the white knit in the front V, but other than that it was pretty basic.  I'm not sure I'd use polar fleece for this pattern again, it made the bottom hem really bulky.  I thought I'd add a hem band for a bit of extra length but it was just too thick.

Our favourite bit?  The white 'racing stripes' on the arms.


Bernice said...

Nice colour scheme. The white looks lovely against the green. Still sewing for winter huh?

Carolyn said...

It look really great! I love the racing stripes up the arm too. Will be nice for those cold mornings, and cool nights, of spring

PurpleMum said...

Very cute, really like this. I am very fond of the model too!