Rosy glow - Vogue 8581

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The rosy glow is both my nose and the colour of my top.  No shots of me today, I look like Rudolph!

My top is Vogue 8581, view C - size 12, made up in silk jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics.   This top feels so good  - all sensuous and slinky.

This is an easy pattern, but I felt like the proportions and the directions were all over the place.  Like so many others I sewed the front, back and sleeves and then did the gathering all in one go.  I also folded the neckband in half, sewed it on and then sewed it down by hand.  I had planned on stitching in the ditch, but my machine didn't like the gathered silk and kept pulling it down into the bobbin case.    I switched out the sleeve binding for an elastic casing - much quicker and easier, but I removed the elastic casing on the bottom and went with a wide band.  Someone on Pattern Review suggested doing the same thing for the neckline which would make it quicker and easier again. 

In terms of the proportions I added 2 inches to the sleeves and I still feel like they're too short, another couple of inches would feel better.  I needed to add an additional 3 inches to have the bust point and the waistline in the right places, but I then had to take 7.5 inches off the length which I folded in half to make the bottom band.  So basically I added the length at the waist and removed it from the hem, or there abouts.  I also narrowed the sleeves, mine are wide and straight rather than bell shaped like the pattern - my fabric just wasn't wide enough but I wouldn't want the sleeves any fuller.

Next up should be a Vogue coat.  There's still plenty of cold weather ahead yet and I figure the best way to deal with it is to make myself some great clothes.


Bernice said...

What a lovely colour (for a shirt, not a nose). It looks like a very wearable pattern. I like all the changes you made too. Hope you get well soon.

Carolyn said...

This is totally gorgeous! and thank you for all those great tips on the pattern. It looks flattering, feminine and comfy all together. I love the colour too!
I hope you are feeling better soon... not fun to have a red-raw nose...
(and thank you for your kind comment)