Gloom buster - Simplicity 2451

Friday, July 22, 2011

In an effort to brighten up our gloomy Melbourne winter I made myself a fuchsia skirt.

The pattern is Simplicity 2451 - I'd seen lots of lovely versions and I wanted to give it a try.  It's such a basic pattern, goes together really quickly and everything matches up nicely.  It even has pockets!  Sorry about the wrinkles - I'd been wearing it all day at work.

The fabric has been hanging about in my stash for a couple of years. This is not a colour I tend to wear a lot - in fact as much as I love bright colours I rarely wear them. I pulled it out thinking that I'd make this skirt and hubby told me he hated it and to give the fabric away. Thankfully I ran the idea past my sister when she was visiting and she told me to go for it (thanks Sis). Hubby saw me trying it on to check the hem length...and he really likes it! Moral of this story? When it comes to sewing, listen to your sister, not your husband.

My only concern with this pattern is the side view.  I love the look of the front pleats but they do add a bit of volume in the tummy area, which is one area I really don't want to look any bigger.  The skirt got quite a few compliments at work and it makes me smile, so I'm counting it as a winner.  

An update on Frank - my mixed pattern dress - it's also received quite a few compliments at work and is really comfortable. 

Nearly done - Paige cracks me up.  It's the posing - she gives you a front, side and back view and you have to take pictures of them all.

She requested some new leggings as one of her birthday gifts.  She picked the fabrics from the stash and the trusty Ottobre leggings pattern got a work out. 

Ok I'm off to cut out a Vogue pattern before my Supernatural marathon tonight.  Have a good weekend.


Bernice said...

There's lots of bright colours happening in your house this week. It sounds like everyone down south can do with a splash of colour at the moment.

I particularly like the skirt. The yoke and pleats look really lovely. It's so nice to receive compliments from the people in your day-to-day life.

Eugenia said...

Your new skirt is definitely a winner! I love the colour - bright skirts are great for any time of the year. Those leggings are super-cute and really fun looking!