It's a wrap - Me Made March 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

MMM Day 26MMM Day 27MMM Day 29MMM Day 31MMM Day 25MMM Day 24
MMM Day 23MMM Day 21MMM Day 22Sunshine in the sunshineMMM Day 19MMM Day 18
MMM Day 17MMM Day 16MMM Day 15MMM Day 14MMM Day 13MMM Day 12
MMM Day 11MMM Day 10MMM Day 9MMM Day 8MMM Day 7MMM Day 6
Me Made March 2011, a set on Flickr.
Here's Me Made March in all its glory. You might notice there's only 29 photos in the set (and 24 displayed on screen) and there's 31 days in March (you're pretty clever), that's because two days were exact replicas and it didn't seem worth taking identical photos.

This month has really shown me the gaps in my wardrobe, I seem to need more staples - black pants, black dress, white shirt etc. Of course the next item on my sewing table is a really bright casual jacket ;)

PS - I do have a head, flickr just seems to cut it off in these smaller pictures.


Bernice said...

Well done for making it over the finishing line.

Sølvi said...

Well done! I really love your style, and you have some wonderful pieces in your wardrobe! Well done!

Gabrielle said...

You've done so well - so many well-made, great-looking clothes! I think I've loved them all!!!

Carolyn said...

I think you did amazing well with some really beautiful ensembles, you have a lovely classic style!