McCalls 6078

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here's my first finished item of the year McCall's 6078, view A.  I've seen a few great versions of this top but I'm not really loving mine.  It's OK (I'll wear it) but I think there are two problems, it's too big and my fabric has too much drape.  I made a medium in a really drapey rayon knit and you can see how much that makes the back cross over sag.  I've put a small stitch where the two back pieces cross over so that I can wear it - otherwise it hangs open right down to my lower back.  Looking at the pictures below I notice that the hem needs a really good press too.

 Front view

Back view

I really love the pattern and I'll probably try it again in a smaller size using a different knit.


toy said...

I love the color. It looks great

tuptim said...

This really caught my eye because I've just made one. I love yours. it looks great - much better than mine!