A Trio of Simplicity 3510

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I managed to complete two of the three things I had on my list for the weekend. 
Here are three versions of Simplicity 3510 - a Project Runway pattern for girls dresses with a range of variations.

Apologies for the very bad photos - I was struggling to find a good spot and unfortunately this one was too bright.

All three tops are the regular bodice with raglan sleeves.  First up is Miss P's top.  It's a size seven and is made from Heather Ross double gauze.  Obviously I shortened it to be a top rather than a dress, I also gave the 'skirt' section of the top an a-line shape rather than the straight skirt given in the pattern.  The only other thing I did was shorten the elastic for the neck ties.  If you use the elastic guide provided then it will nearly be longer than the neckline casing.  I cut off about 5cm and looking at the tops on the girls, I really need to cut off at least another 5cm as the neckline is sitting too far out.

  Miss G's top was the first version I ever made.  It's a size eight and is made from a really crisp cotton - I shortened the elastic more on this one and it sits better.

Last, but not least is Miss C.  Again it's a size eight (it has plenty of room) but I cut it out at length of a size three dress.  I ended up having to cut a little bit off before I hemmed it, but not a lot.  Again the neck elastic needs to be shortened.

Overall this is a really good pattern and it goes together really easily.  If you were new to sewing the instructions could be a little bit confusing as they jump around between the different options.

I didn't get my skirt finished but I whipped up this quick knit gathered skirt to fill out Miss C's summer wardrobe.  It's a polyester/elastin 'parisian knit' from Spotlight.  I was a bit concerned about how this would sew up - but I didn't need to worry as it was beautiful to work with.  Miss C loves it as it's really soft and slinky, I knew it was a winner when she wore it all weekend.

Finally I managed to trace of two Burda WOF patterns and made a bit more progress on the Kasia skirt. 

Plans for the weekend

Friday, 5 November 2010

Last weekend I had an extra long five day weekend, this time I'm back to the regular two days.  My last post had a shot of a few things I wanted to work on and got started on bits of most of it - but as yet nothing is finished.  I've also realised that I'm in desperate need of some new work clothes.  So my plans for this weekend are:
  • Finish the BurdaStyle Kasia skirt
  • Finish the girls' tops
  • Trace out a BWOF blouse and knit boat neck top
It's a short list so I'm hoping that means it's manageable.  Hopefully I'll have something to show early next week.