#2018makenine and other goals

Monday, 8 January 2018

I like the concept of nominating 9 projects for the year so I've made a #2018makenine.  I've already posted it on Instagram but I thought I'd recap here and capture a couple of other goals too.

Let's start with the other goals.  Like so many others my stash is overflowing and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by it.  As I was scrolling Instagram over Christmas I found Katrina's stash diet and decided to join in.  I have fabric piled high on an armchair in my sewing room and I won't be buying any other fabric until it's cleared (my cupboards are also overflowing but I'm trying to be realistic and set small, achievable goals).

This year I'm also saving for a coverstitch machine.  I've wanted one for a long time, Wade even told me to just go out and buy one, but I want to save for it and get the satisfaction of doing this on my own.

Finally, here's 9 projects that I really want to make this year.

True Bias Lodo dress - I already have the pattern and the fabric.

image via
True Bias Lander Pants I have the pattern and need to dig through my stash to see if I can find the right fabric.

image via
Swim Style Chic Bandeau Bikini - Pattern purchased, fabric in the stash, just need the findings.

image via

Grainline Studio Cascade Duffle Coat  I have the pattern, fabric and toggles.

Cascade Duffle Coat | Grainline Studio
image via

Grainline Studio Archer Shirt I have the pattern and some beautiful linen and I hope to make a start this week.

Archer Button Up | Grainline Studio
image via
Orange Lingerie Esplanade Bra Need to buy everything for this one - will be later in the year I think.

image via
Cloth Habit Harriet bra  I have the pattern and I have the fabric and findings.

Harriet Bra Pattern
image via
Style Arc Ziggi Jacket (in leather) I have the pattern.

Ziggi Jacket Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Fabulous fully lined biker jacket with zip features & interesting panelling
image via

It's a bit of a challenge and I'm keen to get started.  It will be interesting to see if the plan changes as the year progresses.  Do you have sewing plans and goals for 2018?


cidell said...

The Cascade is a great pattern. And, every year I say I'm going to make a moto jacket.

Anonymous said...

Some awesome projects planned! Good on you for planning ahead, I usually run out of time and make my summer stuff when it is turning autumn!

Christy said...

Awesome list! Just note that the arm length on the Cascade is trim - just perfect for me, but other probably would have to lengthen. I have the Landers on my list too.