Ginger Jeans - take one

Monday, 30 March 2015

I'm so impressed with this pattern!  It gives a great result and the sew-along is just fantastic.  I am ridiculously happy with this pair of jeans even though I know that they're far from perfect.

These photos were taken after a long day at a netball tournament and these jeans passed the wear test with flying colours.  Despite sitting down, standing up, jogging and climbing spectator viewing stands these jeans were completely comfortable.  The only twinge of discomfort came from my jeans button, it's irritated my stomach.  I think that's likely the cheap button (not nickle free) - I'll be buying the good hardware from now on.

So, the details.  These are Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans view b (high waist, skinny jeans) in a size 14.  I added one inch in length above the knee and narrowed the calves by taking in both side seams by 1/2 inch tapering to nothing 4 inches below the pattern notch near the knee.  I also moved the position of the back pockets up 1/4 inch and in 1/4 inch.  I also extended the front pockets to form a bit of a waist stay - love the way that worked.  I used a stretch cotton blend fabric for the pocket linings and waistband facing and chose to leave out the waistband interfacing and the leave off the belt loops.

As you can tell from the photos the fit is not perfect.  I'd say about 50 per cent of the wrinkles are due to my poor fabric choice.  I used a moleskin fabric of uncertain content that I bought at Joys Fabric Warehouse back in November.  It has some horizontal stretch, but no vertical stretch and doesn't have great recovery so by the end of the day the knee area and the back of my legs felt really baggy.  My machine really didn't like the top stitching thread, so I ended up with three machines set up and now my sewing room looks like a bomb hit it.  The fly insertion method is unique, but I absolutely love it will use that method from now on.

The areas I really want to focus on for my next pair are the front crotch area (removing the wrinkles there) and removing some of the wrinkles from the back thing area.  Both of these fitting adjustments are covered in the sew-along so I just need to read over it again.  And next time I'll use denim!  

I'm not sure the novelty is going to wear off any time soon - I've already started planning my next pair and I'm thrilled that I've finished one of my top three for winter :)

My top three for autumn/winter

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I loved the responses on my last post about what you were planning to sew next, it really got me thinking about my own plans.
I dug through my stash for inspiration, grabbed a note book and pen and started making a list.

It was a great list, but there were way too many items.  I'd be lucky to have a total of five hours a week for sewing so there was really no way that I was going to be able to make 20+ things.  I thought about splitting it into work and casual priorities and making a list for each, but in the end I decided it would be much more realistic to aim for three items that I would really love.  So here's my top 3 for autumn/winter...

image Via Closet Case Files
I have worn my current jeans so much I can actually see through the fabric on the backside - they're not going to last much longer.  Also I have had the same style/pairs for many, many years and I am completely sick of them.  The sew-along looks fantastic and I've loved every version of the Ginger jeans I have seen.  I want some of that goodness for myself. 

Grainline Archer
Archer Button Up Shirt
image via Grainline Studio
Curiously - I have no shirts in my wardrobe. I had a white tuxedo shirt in rotation for over five years but it's no longer in a state fit to be worn out of the house.  I really need a classic white shirt and again the Archer has had great reviews.

I hit buy on this pattern the day it was released - I love it.  With the amount of outdoor sport my kids play I need a good coat.  I have fabric and toggles in my stash and can't wait to get started on this one.

I might also have bought fabric to make Vogue 8926 :)  I was inspired by the picture below on pinterest and I'm considering this one my bonus!

image via pinterest
So that's my top three, plus one, for autumn/winter.  If I can make all these I will be absolutely thrilled.

Simplicity 2584 - Linen LBD

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

In a last hurrah for summer I decided I needed a sleeveless LBD.  I wanted something that I could wear to work or casually, that I could layer for winter, and it had to be quick to make. 

I've found myself pinning this neckline a lot recently, so using Simplicity 2584 was an easy choice.  I've also made it before so I knew I could leave out the zip and still slip the dress on easily.  The only change I made this time was to raise the neckline split 2 inches.

The great thing about this dress is that everything came from stash.  I've used a heavy metro linen from Spotlight (bought to make Wade some shorts) and lined it with a silk habotai.  I love the lining, it's colour that I'm drawn to but it doesn't look good on me, this way I get my colour fix and it feels very luxe.

I thought this was a great fit until I saw the photos with the drag lines everywhere!  It looks like that back seam could use another press too.  Oh well, it was just beautiful to wear on the last hot day of summer and it got the thumbs up from all three of my daughters. I think I also went a little too short for the office, but I figure it'll be fine over tights in winter :)

With the cool autumn weather hitting Melbourne I've started thinking about winter sewing - I have big plans but I know that I need to pare them down because I just can't sew everything I want to!  Do you have sewing plans for the new season?

Silk Scout III

Friday, 6 March 2015

I'm demonstrating my love for the Grainline Scout pattern again today.  I treated myself to some amazing silk in Tessuti's summer sale, it's possibly the most expensive fabric per meter that I've ever bought.  I promised myself it wouldn't sit in a cupboard and become to precious to cut in to.

Yes, I appear to have a flower on my boob - despite my very best efforts not to.  There are worse things in life!

This is my third silk Scout (here and here) and my fourth overall (here).  The cotton version has been moved to my scrap box for re-use, but my silk ones are in constant rotation.  They're perfect at work, I think they look just as nice tucked into a skirt as they do left out over pants and they're great with a pair of casual shorts too.

I guess this post is more about me proving to myself that I do use my special fabrics rather than sharing any particular sewing info!

Copy cat - Papercut Anima Pants

Monday, 2 March 2015

From a so-so project to one that I love.  I'd been admiring all the great woven versions of the Anima pants and the very similar Hudson pants and thought I'd be a copy cat and give it a try.

I wasn't convinced these would work for me so I used a piece of rayon that has been in the stash for several years and figured I had nothing to lose.  Because I was using a woven I went up one size and used a slightly smaller seam allowance.  

I went back and forwards about whether I was going to cuff the hems or not, but in the end I decided not to.  I did add an extra 1.5 inches to the length and then used a facing to finish the hem so I didn't lose the length, the little bit of extra weight also helps them to sit nicely.

I have to say when I first put these on I thought I'd made pyjama pants and immediately decided to cut them down and turn them into shorts.  But a strange thing happened - I kept reaching for them.  They are perfect when it's hot because they're so light (and you don't get stuck to the seat watching your kids play sport like you do when you wear shorts).  They're great at work with a pair of heels and a silk top or I can throw them on at the weekend with a t-shirt and pair of thongs (flip-flops)

Using such a light weight fabric the do tend to bag a little at the knee and at the back, but you don't get that 'full nappy/diaper' look which I was a bit worried about!  A quick wash brings them right back into shape.

I'm incredibly happy with these pants and so glad that I didn't cut them down to shorts - although I may yet make the shorts length :)