Replica - Simplicity 3686

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

These pants bit the dust earlier this year. Made all the way back in 2012 they were completely worn out and looked pretty sad.  Going back through my archives to find the original post I was surprised to see how often I chose to wear these pants when I wanted to share a newly sewn top.  Truly a sign of a well loved make.

I've lost count of the number of times I've used Simplicity 3686 - it's my go to pattern for pants and shorts.  With more experience under my belt I can see that the fit at the back of these pants needs work, but that's a challenge for another day.  This time around I cropped the hems just a little bit more and added stay tape to the waistband so it didn't grow when worn. 

I used a stretch drill from Spotlight again and the photos above and below demonstrate how much the fabric relaxes with wear.  The shot above is from my original post on the first day I wore them.  In the photo below I'm wearing them for the second time in a week (don't judge!).  It's a big difference (and an awful photo!) but thankfully they snap back into shape after being washed.

I've been fairly productive recently so I'll be back later in the week to show off some things I've made for Paige.

Geometric stars - a silk Scout

Monday, 14 April 2014

I'm not much of a patterned fabric person - I have to really love a pattern before I'll sew it up.  I fell in love with this silk as soon as I saw it and hesitated to sew it up because didn't want to ruin it.  I figured something simple would best showcase the design so I decided to go with the Scout.

I've made the Scout before (strangely enough also in a patterned fabric).  This time I added some gentle shaping through the body by taking out 3cm from each side, front and back, at waist level tapering to nothing at the armhole and hip level.  I also added 2 inches to the length.  I even cut it out in a single layer so I had no bulls eye issues!

The crepe de chine was a little sheer so I added a silk habatai lining to the body.  There's nothing worse than wearing a beautiful silk top and then having to wear a synthetic seam free cami underneath!

Yes - very blurry photo (the kids had been playing with my camera and fiddled with settings and put grubby fingers on the lens) but I think it best shows the gentle shaping on the sides.    I love this top - yes the tension is a little tight around the neckline and I forgot to use french seams through out, but it's going to get a lot of wear.

Looking at these photos I wish I'd waited until I had something else to wear it with - with such a voluminous top I needed a slimmer fit on the bottom - but I hadn't shaved my legs, didn't want to wear tights and desperately need a black pencil skirt :)  On the upside they are pants I made and I was comfy all day.