Vogue 8944 - a quick sew

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

In desperate need of a summer work dress I pulled out Vogue 8944.

I'm still struggling with my ankle and am limited to short periods of time on my feet - although I am on the mend.  At the moment I'm sticking to very simple projects and you can't get more simple than this pattern.

This pattern provides great colour blocking options but I decided to use some scraps and kept mine very simple.  Before cutting out double check your sizing.  I checked pattern review and the finished pattern measurements and thought I would be fine.

In the end I removed 6 inches of excess fabric from the side seams starting at the bust and tapering to nothing at the waist.  I also trimmed 3/8 inch from the sleeves before turning under and hemming with a 5/8 hem.  Basically, despite being an option featured on the pattern cover, this dress wasn't drafted to be sleeveless.  I also had to put darts in the back neckline to reduce the gaping (you can see one in the photo below - it needs a better press) - also I could easily go down a couple of sizes in the back - you can see how baggy it is in the photo below.  I also omitted the back zipper and, as per usual, I lengthened the pattern this time adding an extra inch to the skirt length.

If you look at Vogue's photo you can see a lot of excess fabric on the sides there too, although it's nowhere near as baggy in the back.


I had high hopes for this pattern but I'm not sure that I'll use it again.  This dress will help me see out the rest of our warm weather.  The ankle injury, coming on top of the festive period, has lead to some weight gain and none of my clothes feel particularly comfortable or flattering.  While I work at getting a bit healthier, I feel better in this dress because it doesn't cling to my lumpy bits!