A winter winner - Vogue 8742

Monday, 8 July 2013

Wow - over a month with no post.  I've only managed the smallest bits of sewing in the last month, life has been so busy and overwhelming that blogging just had to be put aside.

I had my three babies while I was studying for my university degree and since I graduated I've worked part time hours.  Earlier this year I was seconded into a new role (which I love) and I have just been permanently appointed to the position - full time!  To celebrate this significant milestone I treated myself to some lovely new fabric from Tessuti.

One of those pieces of fabric was a fantastic blue ponte that I've used to make Vogue 8742.  I've made this dress before, without the gathers, and I'm not sure which one I like best.

This fabric molds to your body more than the fabric I used last time, so I didn't adjust the back at all, although looking at the photo below maybe I should have!  All I had to do was add an extra inch to the body above the waistline and an extra inch to the sleeve length.  Simple.

This dress feels incredibly sexy, yet it's quite modest. It's also comfortable and warm.  It's a winter winner.