Vogue 8771 and another quick fix

Sunday, 26 February 2012

This top was nowhere near the top of my 'to sew' list and is completely inappropriate with the hot weather we're having, but after seeing a friend in a very similar RTW top it jumped to the front of the line.

This is view b of Vogue 8771, made up in a watermelon wool/viscose blend that I found on the clearance table at Spotlight during their Boxing Day sale.

This top has plenty of ease built in, my measurements put me between a large and an extra large and I cut out  a medium.  I made a couple of basic changes.  Firstly I decided to get rid of the hem on the cuff, I just doubled the pattern piece flipping it on the hem edge.  I prefer this finish and I'd definitely do it this way in the future.  I also added a neckband and I'm really glad I did.  The pattern has you finish the neckline by folding it under and sewing it down and I just didn't think it would look that good with this fabric. 

Overall I'm really happy with the final result even though it's too hot to wear it at the moment.  I'm considering making this again and playing with a stripey fabric.

I also completed another quick fix.  Just like the last one, this was a maxi dress that was just too short.  My favourite part, and the reason I bought the dress, was the detail around the hem so I chopped off the top to make a maxi skirt.  I felt quite nervous about cutting up a perfectly good dress but it will get so much more use now.

PJ Party

Friday, 17 February 2012

After my recent run of less than satisfactory garments, and a huge week at work, I decided I needed something quick and easy to get me going again.  Pyjamas are a winner every time.

Miss Georgia scored three new pairs of the Nighty night PJ pants I mentioned here.

Another pair of the nighty night PJ pants have been added to Caitlyn's wardrobe and a pair of Ottobre yoga pants (for some reason I found it quite mind blowing to be tracing patterns out of my pattern magazine for one of my girls - it really brought home how much she's growing up).  While I was going I also made myself another pair.

To finish off my night wear extravaganza I whipped up a little nighty for Paige from the Farbenmix Lore pattern.  It was my first time using fold over elastic, it was so easy and made the nighty look more RTW.  I did find that the top edge on the front and the back both stretched a little as I was going, but I think that was because there was too much pressure from the presser foot.  Once I reduced the pressure I didn't have any problems.

My husband did pass comment that I'd made something for everyone else except him, but the kids and I are happy and I think I'm ready to try some of those new patterns now.  

I'm getting worse - McCall's 5977

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I show you all my beautiful new patterns and then what do I sew?  Something that has been in my pattern stash for ages.  And it doesn't look good.  Here's the story.

First I thought I'd use this fabric.

Then as I'm pinning it all I can see is a recurring pattern that looks more than a little like a naked woman.  Or is that just me?!  It got the better of me and I put that fabric away and pulled out something else.

There are so many positive reviews for McCall's 5977 on Pattern Review that I just jumped right in.  I cut a size 14 and added 2 inches to ensure the waist point hit at my waist.  The fit is too big on top, too tight around the hips and pooling at the back.  I really need a few simple tops in this style so I'll probably persevere and make some changes to the pattern to get a fit I'm happy with.  Or try the Sorbetto top.

The sad part is I used a beautiful peacock blue silk satin, I'll be salvaging these pieces and thankfully I still have plenty left to make something else.  This really drains the sewing mojo, but I've learnt my lesson.  I need to spend more time making sure the end garment fits well; measuring more, tissue fitting and making a muslin if I want a really good fit.

And to finish on a happier note I did re-hem this maxi dress I made last year (I was inspired by Fix-it Friday). I love the dress but for whatever reason I didn't make it quite long enough.  Every time I wore it I felt like it looked wrong - so I cut it off and it now sits just above the knee.  Much better.

Fun Mail

Monday, 6 February 2012

My parents-in-law have been staying with us for the past two weeks, and while I love having them here, I find it really difficult to head into my sewing room for any length of time.

To keep my mojo ticking over I indulged in a little retail therapy (gotta love Christmas money and Club BMV sales).  Here's what arrived in the mail today:

and last but not least...

So now I've got plenty of inspiration I think I'll be heading into my sewing room after work tomorrow. Hope the kids don't need help with their homework!

Meh - Simplicity 2219

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Underwhelmed.  I think that's the best way to describe how I feel about this dress.  It's not properly finished and the photo is terrible, but you get the idea.

There's nothing really wrong with the pattern and I like the fabric - though it probably wasn't the best option for this dress - but it just makes me feel blah.

extra gathering

I used a drapey rayon fabric, too drapey, the gathers ended up all saggy and I had to run two extra rows of gathering down the panels.  I added 1.5 inches above the waistline on the skirt and another 2 inches to the hem.  I should have added extra length to the top sections.  When I tried it on the top only just finishes under my bust (and I'm pretty average in that dept - no FBAs here).  I ended up using a 1/4 inch seam allowance to provide a bit of extra room.  Because I used a 1/4 inch seam I didn't have room to make a casing for the elastic in the waist seam, but I really don't think you need it.  I also used a rolled hem to finish the flutter sleeves rather than a narrow hem.

Sitting crooked on Ruby

I think I need to take a bit more notice of my natural tendencies.  When I walk into a shop or I'm browsing Pinterest I very rarely go for the jersey dresses.  Generally I go for lightly tailored or fitted clothes, definitely more wovens than knits.  I feel more polished/better dressed when I wear this style.  So why have I been focussing my sewing on knits?

I'll pull out the basting and gathering stitches and wear this dress around the house, but it's time for something different.