Some Red Love - Simplicity 2584

Saturday, 5 November 2011

The weather is perfect today so we grabbed the camera and headed out to take some pictures of Simplicity 2584.  Sorry about the blinding white legs - my youngest actually asked if I was wearing white stockings!

Showing off my new shoes - kind of look like a Christmas elf

If you don't like flashing your assets then I'd suggest you raise the neck split an inch or so.  I forgot to raise mine but I'm not too woried, the interfacing in the neck facing stops the neckline from falling open so I don't feel too exposed.  Am I making sense?

Gathered sleeves

This is view B, I cut a 14 and used a beautiful linen from Tessuti Fabrics.  This went together really quickly, probably because I left off the neckline applique piece, the hem tuck and the back zip.  I basted the back closed to check the fit, but with the neckline split I found that there was no need for the zip.  I don't plan on wearing this number to work so I hemmed it a little higher than I normally would. 

Side view - not too maternity like

The most unflattering back view possible

I've got to say that after wearing this dress all day I'm really impressed.  It's been cool and comfy and I haven't felt my movement restricted at all.  And hubby loves it - that neckline's going to get me in all sorts of trouble ;)


Bernice said...

Looks lovely. I like both the cut and colour. I think the length looks good too. It seems to be working with both the heels and flats.

I think you may need to increase the size of your photos as it's hard to see any of the details. When I click on them they remain the same size.

Carolyn said...

I agree with Bernice, it is a very lovely dress and I just adore the colour. So vivid and cheerful! (and please, never ever apologise for the colour of your skin!)

Eugenia said...

Gorgeous! It looks very casual chic and the colour is very fabulous. I have made this pattern as a top twice but you have reminded me that I really want to make it as a dress too.

Gabrielle said...

That looks like a perfect little dress for summer - and I love the colour on you too.

PurpleMum said...

Very, very nice!
I see the shoes have arrived too!!

Sølvi said...

Very pretty, the color is wonderful!