Not the start I was hoping for.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

My good intentions have come to nothing. It has been a super busy month so far with out of town visitors, two birthdays, school holidays and then extra work to catch up hours I missed over the school holidays. To top it all off the kids accidentally dropped our camera so I wouldn't be able to take photos anyway.

So today I told the family I was going to do nothing but sew. I still haven't accomplished much, kept getting distracted. The top is cut out and the neckbands interfaced. It looks like it will be great.

The simple pencil skirt is pushing my buttons. I've used a beautiful plaid I bought last winter of clearance from Tessuti. I've carefully matched the horizontal lines across the side and back seams and lying flat on the table it looks fantastic, exactly what I was hoping for. Unfortunately when I put it on I have all kinds of gathering at the top of my thighs. The back is fine, so I think it's just my pot belly causing the issues. I took some of the curve out of the side seams and extended the front darts by approx 5cms and this seems to help. I've put it aside for now and will take another shot at it tomorrow.

And we're off...

Thursday, 1 July 2010

For quite a while now I have been lurking in the blog-o-sphere, drooling over the beautiful creations of others, gathering inspiration and giving my own mojo a bit of a jump start. Lately, I've been feeling the urge to put my own creations out there and I hope that I can provide a little bit of inspiration to someone else. I'm not entirely selfless ;) this year has felt pretty tough so far and so I thought that a little corner of the world for all the things I love would be the perfect pick-me-up.

No pictures of any of my work yet, but I do have a couple of simple things on the go.

First is a balloon top inspired by Yoshimi's - I love the look of hers so I bought my first foreign language pattern and I'm hoping to get it cut out tomorrow.

My second item is a very basic pencil skirt from M3830 to bolster my work wardrobe.

Wish me luck!