Masks: something I never thought I'd make

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Like so many others, I've been making masks.  This afternoon even tighter restrictions were announced for Melbourne, we will go from Stage 3 lockdown into Stage 4.  It's necessary, but that doesn't make it any easier.  My sewjo disappeared when we went in to lockdown 2.0 and these are really all that I've been making.  

Now if I have to wear a mask, I'm going to wear one I like and I'm pretty happy with these.  It's a free pattern from Twig and Tale, it's multi size and has a filter pocket.  You can also add a channel for a nose wire but I haven't done that.

These were all made using fabric and elastic from my stash.  I'm lucky to have had supplies on hand as elastic has become pretty hard to come by.  I've made these using three layers of cotton.  The colourful masks have quilting cotton on the outside and inside, with a really tightly woven 1000 thread count sheet for the inner layer.  The black masks have cotton drill on the outside and then the sheet fabric and quilting cotton on the inside.  I've used 5mm and 6mm elastic, as well as narrow fold over elastic for the ear loops.

These have washed and worn really well and it's a really nicely drafted pattern.  

Hopefully the additional restrictions help to control the spread of transmission and we're able to see family and friends again in 6 weeks time.


Paola said...

My heart goes out to you all down south. Thanks for the feedback on your masks, I have been sifting through the stash for likely fabrics, as I fear we may be doing the same thing.

katherine h said...

Good on you for making and wearing masks! We are all feeling for you in Melbourne and wanting things to improve for you. Stay well xx

Accordion3 said...

Sewing masks completely undid me and depleted my sewjo too. I had to make four toiles of a pattern for my son, three for my daughters and another three for myself. Still counting for my husband - up to attempting gaiters instead.

I like the Twig and Tale patterns as well as the Japanese Sewing Book ones. Getting the elastics to be the right length was so tricky. Eventually I make a channel for the elastic and used lycra strips instead.

Yours are so pretty!

Raj said...

Very beautiful Masks