T-shirts for days

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

At the start of every summer I'm amazed at how few t-shirts I have, or more truthfully, how many t-shirts I have that I actually feel good wearing.  Making t-shirts isn't the most exciting project and as I was sewing these production line style, I wondered why I didn't go out and buy some (now that my RTW fast is over!).

Like most basic items we choose to sew, the answer lies in the fit.  I struggle to find t's long enough - I don't like worrying that my stomach will show or ones that ride up my back when I sit down.  I feel most self conscious about my stomach so I don't like t-shirts that are tight across there.  All things I struggle with in RTW tops.

I've mixed two patterns together to create one I'm pretty happy with.  I always liked the fit through the body of the Sewaholic Renfrew, but the shoulders/arms were too small.  I made a few Tessuti Lola t's late last year and I liked the fit through the shoulders, arms and bust but the body felt too big.  I feel like Goldilocks, because combining the two is just right!

The mixed fabric tops were inspired by an Anthropologie t-shirt I saw on Pinterest and were great for using up some larger scraps and I couldn't resist buying the cobalt blue jersey in the Tessuti sale earlier this year.

So, not exciting sewing, but they filled a gap and have been in high rotation.  Excuse the total lack of ironing in these photos!

Keeping track of my fabric purchases is actually encouraging me to sew the fabric up a lot quicker than I normally would - two other purchases have been cut and one is nearly finished.  


Bernice said...

I have the same t-shirt dilemma every summer too. I was slack and bought some though. Your tees look like handy basics.

Gabrielle said...

It must be a good feeling to have put together a pattern that fits as you want you it to! I should make some more t-shirts too - a whole bunch of my old RTW t-shirts are wearing out, and I've certainly got enough T-shirt fabric to work with :).

Gail said...

I have a similar gap in my wardrobe. Great sewing.

Sew Brunswick said...

I have the same problem! Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I've just finished two Lola tops and shoulders are too wide.

Sharon said...

Great t-shirts and interesting that so many of us have the same need for them. I know finding the right fabric is one of the issues for me.

poppykettle said...

I'm always in the same predicament come summer every year. And then I talk myself out of sewing it coz it's just easier to buy RTW knit tops and deal with the lousy fit issues... except I never end up going shopping for them so my wardrobe keeps dwindling! I need to take a leaf from your book and do it. Your tees look great - love the cobalt blue version!

Emma said...

Great idea using scraps for the sleeves - think i'll have to steal the idea. They look great!