StyleArc Ivy Knit Top

Thursday, 8 January 2015

It was back to work for me this week so I made myself a new top to ease the pain.

This is the StyleArc Ivy knit top and I think it's a winner.  I've used a straight size 12 with an extra inch in length added to the hem, which it really doesn't need.  

I used a bright rayon knit to make this up, it doesn't have the best recovery so by the end of the day the sleeve bands are quite relaxed.

You can't see the style lines very well in the fabric I used - here's the picture from the StyleArc website.

New square shape T-shirt with design lines

I will be making this top again because I want to take advantage of the colour blocking opportunity. I really like the way this top in put together with the side seams wrapping around to the front on an angle.  The neckline on this top isn't crooked, I was just in a hurry to get the photos taken and didn't think to make sure everything was sitting correctly.

You may notice I now have an additional page at the top of my blog.  For my own interest I was keen to keep track of what I buy and how much I spend on sewing each year.  Feel free to take a look, I had a little splurge during the last day of the Tessuti online sale to ease the pain of going back to work!!  Each piece of fabric bought so far has been for a specific project so hopefully I can bring my plans to life.


Pam Capstick said...

This is my favourite top pattern still. It looks great. I am inspired by your thought, and my green Target top to have a go mixing knit and plain and colour blocking, I think this could work well.
It looks great.

Emma said...

Looks fantastic, I am keen to try Style Arc but havent bought any of their patterns yet. Perhaps its a goal for 2015 for me to sew up a SA. Love to fabric too, where did you get it from? Good patterned knits are hard to find!

Mrs. Smith said...

VERY flattering! I love it!!

Gail said...

great casual top. The shape at the hemline works well.

fabric epiphanies said...

What a lovely casual tee. I was wondering how this pattern would look made up!

Carolyn said...

Very pretty! and I love the print you used. Great colours on you too :)