McCall's 6992 - out of season

Sunday, 21 December 2014

At the start of winter I bought this great quilted knit fabric from Spotlight - it's light, warm and so soft.  The problem was I couldn't work out what I wanted to make with it and it has been hanging round the sewing room for months.  Once fabric gets put into the appropriate stash cupboard it can be quite a while before it comes out again and the cupboards might be pretty full :)

I finally decided McCall's 6992 would be a good option just as the weather started warming up for summer!  Oh well, there has still been plenty of cooler days and this great little top is getting plenty of wear.

This is sewn up straight out of the packet with 1.5 inches added to the hem - surprisingly I didn't need to add any length to the sleeves.  I used black ponte for the contrast neckband and cuffs.  That worked well on the neckband but not quite as well on the cuffs.  I tend to push my sleeves up and it doesn't have quite enough stretch to do that comfortably.  Love the shoulder dart, it makes the top sit really nicely.

This make has been a great addition to the wardrobe and it pairs well with both jeans and shorts so will likely get a few wears on cool nights over summer too.


Emma said...

Love it, particularly the quilted fabric and contrast band. Thanks too for posting about the pattern, think i will try and make a raglan sleeve knit dress for winter.

Sharon said...

Interesting fabric and takes a what could be a plain top into something a bit smarter and agree that shoulder dart does a great job in the fit of the shoulders.

honigdesign said...

Super cute and I love that fabric!

Maren Geroux said...

Please forgive my leaving this in a comment, I couldn’t find an e-mail address for you. I’m making an index of Australian sewing bloggers, which you can find here: I hope you don’t mind being on it- just let me know if you want to be removed. Thank you!