The Matrix Dress - Simplicity 1873

Friday, 19 September 2014

Operation 'Clear the decks in September' is off to a great start.  I had a bit of sewing time last weekend and managed to complete three items and I'm feeling pretty good about them too!  Excuse the wrinkles in the photos - I'd just finished work.

This dress is Simplicity 1873, previously made here.  I loved this dress and knew that I'd be making it again.  I fixed the back issues I had last time but looking at these photos, particularly the one below, I think that the back also needs a little bit of length taken out.  It's probably also a smidgen tight, but how good is that invisible zipper!

I know I'm often pretty down on Spotlight fabrics but I really like their printed cotton sateens. This one was labelled Matrix green and it kind of stuck in my head, hence the Matrix dress.

When I went to cut this out I realised that it had light and dark stripes running through the pattern.  So while I didn't worry about pattern matching, I did make sure that I kept the light and dark stripes consistent.

When I purchased the fabric I forgot what a fabric hog this skirt is.  Like last time I ended up folding out several of the pleats just so that I could fit all the pattern pieces on.  I've still got a lovely full skirt, but I've removed the pleats which would have sat on my hips.  I should have added a couple inches to the skirt length, but completely forgot.  It's a little shorter than I usually prefer to wear to work, but I think I can get away with it.  

I love my Matrix dress and I received several compliments from people who don't usually comment on my clothes, which just made my day.  I had planned to wear this with a Nettie bodysuit underneath - I have the pattern and the fabric but decided against starting another new project :)  I'm really glad this dress is finished and in my wardrobe.


Debbie Iles said...

Love it! The layering looks great too. Good work on matching those light and dark stripes. Sometimes I've been know to jump to quickly into things only to realise later that the pattern I didn't quite understand had repeats or was upside down!

PurpleMum said...

Really love it. Looking good Sis!

Sharon said...

Great dress and really like the layered look!

Gail said...

Clever styling and well done on the fit.