Sunday afternoon family fun

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

We have a rule in our house that on Sundays the girls aren't allowed to use their electronic devices - no iPods, no laptops etc.  This often leads to cries of 'I'm bored', but it does force them to think of other ways to amuse themselves.

Paige and Georgia have been hanging out in my sewing room with me (and often without me!).  They've been cutting up scraps and making cushions as well as pillows and sleeping bags for their toys.

Paige has been so keen to do some 'proper' sewing that I thought we'd give PJ pants a go.

I pulled out my trusty copy of Butterick 5853 and cut out an XL (10) with the width of a L (7-8).

Paige did all the sewing herself and was so incredibly proud of herself.  Check out the posing!

Because pj pants are the sewing equivalent of comfort food I whipped up a pair for Georgia and Caitlyn too.

I used the same Butterick pattern for Georgia in the same sizes with an extra 1.5 inches added to the length.  I ran out of standard waistband elastic so I used some cotton lycra and made a yoga pant style waistband.  Georgia loves them and I love that I've used up all the scraps from my koi pj pants.

For Caitlyn I used some cool printed cotton poplin (I think) that I picked up at Spotlight in Ballina. I used Simplicity 3577 in the child/teen large and added 2 inches to the length.  Due to a fabric shortage I didn't have enough for the waistband casing (and no elastic) so I cut the waist at the height of the medium size.  I hope this makes sense :)

I ended up using a soft spotty elastic for the waistband.  Due to Cait's long legs I couldn't even hem these properly, they're just overlocked!  That child is nearly as tall as I am.

I've been doing quite a lot of simple batch sewing lately but I have plans for a couple of winter white garments and I need to finish my nephew's quilt, we'll see what pushes to the front of the queue :D


Philippa said...

Well done to your daughter Paige, her pj pants look like an excellent fit and a great project for a beginner. I have three children and make a lot of pj bottoms. How lovely that at least one of yours can make their own now!

katherine h said...

Sunday evenings sound fun at your house!

Gail said...

It's a good thing to encourage alternatives to electronic entertainment. The pjs are well made.

Sharon said...

Wonderful pair of PJ's Paige and the others pairs are pretty snazzy as well.

Sue said...

Well done Paige - and a lovely set of comfy & warm pj's all round!

Gabrielle said...

Love your Sunday rule; our current rules need an update :). Well done to Paige, they look like lovely PJs - and I love all your fabric choices! Will you be taking part in the PJ sewalong?

honigdesign said...

What a great rule and these PJs are too cute! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and I'm really looking forward to following yours!

Gabrielle said...

You always make such cute kids clothes - Paige must take after you! Well done Paige!