Goody goody gum drops

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Our home is considerably bigger than our previous house, which is both good and bad (good = sewing room, bad = more cleaning), but it does mean there are a few rooms lacking in the furniture department :)  

These Amy Butler gum drop pillows are perfect for the kids to sit on, lean against and generally muck around with.

They're simple to make and go together really quickly but the layout/cutting instructions could be better.  It's unnecessarily fiddly.  It was so much easier to trace it out as one piece rather than taping pieces together, tracing around one half, flipping the pattern piece over and then tracing the other half before you could finally cut it out.

The worst part of making these was stuffing them.  They take a massive amount of stuffing, a task I happily delegated to the kids! The pattern recommends using a mid-weight fabric or mid-weight home dec fabric.  I used some mid-weight striped cotton canvas from Ikea and some colourful Prints Charming cotton drill from Spotlight and in my opinion the cotton canvas has worked better (and I love the way the stripes look on top).  There is also a totally decorative top panel which I left off - I can see it looking really effective with some fabrics but the kids didn't want it.  I think this would also be really cool made in leather.

And yes, there are only two pillows for three children - I will have to make another once I find the right fabric.  I better find it fast because the arguments have already started :-/


Marie said...

They look awesome.

Rosi said...

Fantastic! I'd love to have a few of those around my place.

fabric epiphanies said...

They look very colourful and fun. No wonder the kids fight over them!

Rose said...

Lovely! I like the pillows--what did you stuff them with? I would like to make them, but I have heard that finding the stuffing is a bit of a challenge.

Sharon said...

Great pillows and can see why there are arguments, Mum never gave us anything unless there were 3 of them.

Bernice said...

I LOVE these. How funky and functional. Cute top from the previous post too.