Funky PJs and other bits and pieces

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The kids picked out some funky flannel at Spotlight a little while back and I finally got the chance to make them up - just as the weather starts to warm up :)

There's really not much to say - I used Butterick 5853 for the two animal print pairs and Simplicity 3577 for the white pair.  The all had over an inch taken off the top of the waist and I had to add bands to the bottom of the Simplicity pair because the stated finished length was significantly shorter than the actual finished length!  I did laugh when I was reading How good is that and saw that she'd used the same fabric for her pj pants.

While I was on a bit of a roll in the sewing room I finally made myself a cushion for my chair.  Nothing too fancy - just a simple envelope with a little piping but I love the bright yellow scissor print.

And my final piece of miscellaneous sewing?  A giant bag, a tent bag to be exact.  The bag our tent was stored in disintegrated so Wade asked me to make him a new one.  It never hurts to have a few brownie points in the bank so I used some old fabric that we found at his parents house and made a simple drawstring bag.

Not the most glamorous sewing, but definitely very handy.  Hopefully I'll have a new dress to show you very soon.


fabric epiphanies said...

Well done very industrious. Your youngest made me laugh. She looks as mischievous as my youngest!

Judith said...

Spotlight did have some great flannelette this year for PJ's. Your girls look like they want to live in their new PJ's...

Lynneb said...

I truly do love that gray chair with the yellow pillow!